To produce high quality, carbon footprint efficient pharmaceutical grade medical cannabis in ultramodern, highly efficient facilities in Canada for the distribution to wholesale licensed retailers nationally.



Immediate national expansion by acquisitions for the ongoing development of cannabis production facilities is pivotal to our success and the success of our shareholders and partnered stakeholders; thereby increasing shareholder value at a rate outpacing other market participants.



High regard for ethics, sustainability and infrastructure.



Fig. 1

Industry Overview

The following is a breakdown of products and services offered in Canada based on the production industry in Canada.

source: Statistics Canada 2018




Fig. 2

Industry revenue breakdown for 1 gram of cannabis priced at $10 in Canada

The following is a representation of the forecasted revenue breakdown for the cannabis industry in Canada. For every 1 gram of cannabis priced at $10 in Canada producers are estimated to profit $3.60. In addition, it is estimated that the private sector will generate close to $1 billion in EBITA with 85% coming from production and the rest from retail. The graph below depicts one gram of cannabis priced at $10.

source: BNN Bloomberg




The loosening of government regulations has resulted in strong demand for the cannabis industry. As the degree of regulation declines in 2018 due to the passing of the Cannabis Act in Canada, there is strong opportunity for industry producers.